Day 41 of 365.

Forced connections are awkward.

Especially when there isn’t any prior relationship to back things up.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to connect and network.

It’s even easier for you to take a moment and say hello.

Yet even with the best intentions things can still get a little messy.

The breakdown happens when we neglect one of the most important factors when attempting to build trust.

When we fail to let that connection occur naturally and organically.

Boundaries help us to move in harmony with the world around us.

Without harmony chaos will exist.

Just because you might not find a problem with being invasive into another person’s space doesn’t mean they’ll be on the same page.

First impressions are crucial.

Don’t mess things up by failing to take the time to properly connect.

Doing things just for the sake of numbers is pointless.

It ruins the ecosystem and takes away from the good within humanity.

Its like receiving unsolicited mail.

No one asked for it yet here we are.