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What makes a good designer or developer? Is it skill or talent? Some argue both.  However what makes a great entrepreneur, designer, developer or overall person? Certainly not skill or luck, but something more. Something that ignites a passion within that person to go above and beyond the usual call of duty.

Simply put, it is belief.  The belief in creating items that don’t just get the bills paid, but items in which positive contributions could be made to those around us. As designers, we often times placed within high pressure, low motivation environments, with the expectations to create masterpieces in a jiffy. Even in these situations we can work wonders, it may take a short amount of time, or even months. In the end, if we stand strong in our beliefs to do things right, not compromising or ignoring the issues at hand, greatness can allowed be achieved.

Despite all the noise, fears of not being good enough and the other obstacles that prevent so many a talented person to give up, without even trying , should instead be embraced instead of rejected, for within this noise, and over the obstacles we can allow ourselves to give better towards making a bigger difference.

At which point will we as designers focus less on awards, and more towards the positive experience of those using the internet? When we believe in what we do, and do it right?

Theodore Roosevelt expressed this quite neatly with a regard to loyalty saying,

I certainly appreciate loyalty to one’s friends, but loyalty to the cause of justice and honor stands above it.

So what will you stand up for today? Where does your passion lie and how can you use it to make a positive difference?

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