Always Upward

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As part of my new years resolution to do more writing, I have been doing the 500 words a day challenge by Jeff Goins and It has certainly been a different experience. I find myself writing a whole lot more than I was last year. One of the biggest hurdles I’ve wanted to overcome was publishing the things I wrote. So starting with my mantra for this year of keeping my focus always upward and creating more good. The below is a result of sticking to my word. Enjoy.

Always Upward

Setting your sights on better things isn’t bad or out of reach. It does however take huge amounts of energy and persistence, but in the end it usually is worth it. Every minute spent aiming upward isn’t a waste but instead a blessing.

Sure you will fail, but you have to just keep going. The more focus placed on the negative, the more your dreams and goals will become cloudy. Keeping up such a habit will cloud the vision of your dreams so much that you’ll forget why you even started. Next thing you know you begin to find yourself with moments of doubt and feelings of wanting to quit.

You don’t have to be a somebody to achieve great things either. When status is removed from the equation things become easier. Despite the outward appearances most people display, on the inside we are all feeling the same emotions, and often thinking the same thoughts. At the end of the day we all are afraid of what we can become if only we applied ourselves, we fear the experiences that occur to us outside of our comfort zone and we fight against our own success without even realizing it. Anxiety sets in and we begin to crumble under the mountains of stress that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The great thing about such situations is, we always have a choice.

It is up to us to decide to continue in the self pity and depression or if we will stand and live fearlessly.

To go from a mindset of I can’t to I can takes courage. Sometimes it feels as if courage is a hopeful wish, but the most important thing is you are alive. Erase from your mind the past negative experiences and thoughts. Remember that nothing is permanent, not even the biggest problems we face. Even though in the very moment you may not be where you want to ideally be, but you are precisely where you need to be in order to take the next step. The past can’t be changed and we can never know what may happen in the future, but in this moment you can build on the opportunities around us.

Stop waiting for a magical situation that will instantly take you to the place in life you want to be. Get up and get out. Keep growing and learning. Be brave and give your dreams a chance. People aren’t always right, and often they will confuse you.

Your heart knows what’s best. Turn off the outside noise and give it a listen.

We all see and experience the world differently. It’s okay to be afraid, and it’s okay to take a different path.

Sure your resources and abilities may be an obstacle, but the dreams and possibilities that are waiting for you to just take a chance, far outweigh the bad.

Embrace your passion and hold your head up. Make yourself a promise to do one thing towards your goals each day. Focus on one thing at a time, pour your passion into it, and then conquer that goal. Once you’re all done, set a new goal and pursue it. Don’t be afraid to create more good. Not just for yourself, but for others. Don’t keep the world waiting, keep your aim always upward.

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