A Higher Level

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Maturity and leadership don’t always go hand in hand.

Titles whether given or self imposed don’t determine the person.

It’s experience and the application of wisdom that differentiates a true leader from a wannabe.

Those that operate with empathy and diplomacy understand the power of words.

They take time to pause and reflect before pouring a cup of advice.

Even after it’s poured a true leader drinks from the cup first. Never asking more of their team than they themselves would do.

Collaboration isn’t easy.

But those that operate and aim for a higher level know that emulating and settling for average just isn’t going to cut it.

Leaders that operate on a higher level are hanging out with those that push them to be better versions of themselves.

The higher level isn’t about how much more you have on the outside than others.

It’s about what’s on the inside that eventually manifests itself in how you interact with others.

The sum of which eventually becomes your true brand.

Make the necessary moves in faith that move the major mountains.

Dare to operate on a higher level.

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