7 Sites that Use Typography Well In Their Designs

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As I was going through my bookmarks and RSS feeds recently, I came across a few sites that I bookmarked for inspiration. Here are seven websites that pay extra special attention to their usage of typography.

At its core typography is one of the items that can either make or the experience a user has while visiting your site. Mobile devices have only put more importance on having good type on your website.

The fonts you select give your site a unique character. They help to convey the purpose found within your website content. One thing good typography can’t fix however is poor content.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of good website typography.

1. World Baking Day


This site features a great mix of lively colors, rounded corners (used appropriately). Mentone and Museo Sans Rounded font faces are combined for a delightful experience. As a person who enjoys the process of creating delightful and delicious desserts for friends, this site certainly brings that joy to the web.

2. Kickpoint


With bold color usage, Kickpoint does an excellent job of delivering a kick by using Maga and Karla throughout the site.

3. Google for Entrepreneurs


Brand extensions often happen in unlikely places. With a product line spanning basically every function of life keeping the content experience consistent across so many mediums and devices is a tall order. Here we have Roboto and Roboto Slab paired together to give an experience that is easily recognizable and provides a harmonious flow to the content of the site.

4. Creatures & Features


This delightful site pairs together Roboto with handwritten type and a splash of Courier.

5. Elbow


It’s great to see examples of great type from all over the world. Here we have the fine folks over at Elbow pairing Galano Grotesque with Maison Neue.

6. Flywheel


When it comes to finding hosting it can be a pain to sift through what features are included and what price am I paying for what. Most web hosts websites tend to leave me feeling as if they may close tomorrow or if they don’t will be a customer experience nightmare to deal with. The guys and gals over at Flywheel have done an excellent job making things easy to navigate. Here we find Montserrat paired with Source Sans Pro.

7. Headspace


Aimed at helping individuals become more creative Headspace uses Brandon Grotesque to effectively navigate users throughout the site. Making information easy to digest and memorable.


As you can see great typography on a website can help share the story of your website in a variety of ways. It can be the difference between someone enjoying a visit to your site and wanting to return and them quickly leaving to go somewhere else.


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