Are you curious to understand how design thinking and digital tools can help you engage with your audience? Are you seeking to engage better with your audience and provide a better experience? If so, I can help.

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My expertise and experience is in the area often called “creative-strategy”. Here there is a vast universe, where contexts are important and brands, even those within the same industry, have often drastically different problems from one another.

My specialties and passions are at the intersection of where branding, design, user experience, and business meets. Most often my work falls in the areas of:

My Core Approach

My approach is designed to address the inevitable gaps that can be sources of persistent frustration within the creative process, and as people who work in for-profit and philanthropic organizations: gaps between practice and theory, strategy, and its implementation, ongoing support, communications and training, and short-term wins and long-term goals.

Although every brand is different, every brand has expectations and constraints under which it operates. My approach is to look at a brand through each of its operational contexts.

The power of this approach allows each member of the brand to become engaged, to transform problems that they have discovered into sustainable solutions, and to turn often fluffy, airy rhetoric into a concrete reality.

Creativity is about approaching things with a diverse perspective. One that’s founded in empathy and a passion for growth.

The Benefits I Bring

I can help you structure and materialize your brand design strategy. To move from the ad-hoc management of random parts to having a clear vision and mission—a roadmap and strategy that allows you to become audience-centric and impact driven. After all audience-centric impact brands outperform the competition, they have better reputations and attract more support.

I can help improve the culture of your brand and take your strategy from a dream to a reality. Becoming a audience-centric brand takes holistic change. The digital space has changed the world and brands need to adapt accordingly, but that is not always easy to do from the inside. That is where I can help.

I can provide continued support for digital leaders and influencers. Transformation into a audience-centric brand takes time and a lot of intentional effort. It involves hundreds, if not thousands of decisions and discussions regularly. Having an outside perspective and resource you can turn to makes all the difference.

I can help educate colleagues, management, and vendors about the benefits of becoming audience-centric, service-orientated, and digital-first. I can provide training that will help everyone to be aligned around the brand mission and adopt best practices. I can also collaborate with management to help them in their time of change.

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Things clients, students, and others have said

David Yarde is full of knowledge and a natural educator. He was a guest speaker in my dual enrollment HTML & CSS Course and was really able to relate to my high school students. He provides real world experience and application for them to learn from. I confidently send potential clients to him and have enjoyed the ever evolving array of talents and skills he brings to projects he works on.

- Annette Franklin

For the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of learning from David within the Orlando Tech, Black Orlando Tech, and WordPress communities. He is a branding expert and overall amazing creative who has provided valuable speaking and teaching efforts from novice to expert level professionals and entrepreneurs.

He is able to guide and consult others with his many years of experience by asking the right questions to get to the bottom of what you have in mind and how it will serve your audience.

I highly recommend David as a content creator, consultant, brand expert, and speaker. You will learn a great deal from him and his methodology to serve your audience and help you create a lovable brand.

- Emily Walker

Cristobal LinkedIn testimonial for David Yarde

I'm absolutely thrilled with the graphics and designs that I've received from David and Sevenality. Within days of adding their work to my website platforms, my sales increased by 15%! It's led to an extra $5,000 in revenue.

I've been told my branding is MUCH more professional and it's already lead to new clients. I HIGHLY recommend you hire Sevenality because they are worth every single penny.

- Kimanzi Constable

David is everything you want in a designer. Courteous & professional, committed to deadlines and continually bringing the creative talent you want from a design professional. His finished work is modern, clean and always captures the ideas we had in our head when we started.

- Andre Savoie
High Level Thinkers

David is a deep thinker about branding philosophy. He is up to date with the latest in the industry and has a strong grasp of concepts and execution. He helped us on a project related to UX and styling and was a strong team player. I wish him all the best on his future endeavors!

- Rajiv Menon
Informulate, LLC

David is an excellent and attentive graphic designer. He took the time to get to know my company and understand the message, audience, and approach before creating a beautiful visual identity that captures the essence of the brand. On top of that, David is generous with his time and advice, even outside the scope of his assignment. He is a professional and friendly person, and a pleasure to work with.

- Emma van Opstal
Emendo Editing

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