Think Before You Speak

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Day 51 of 365.

Too many of us jump to speak before things are thought through.

It’s as if the train of self control and diplomacy is lost and a complete primal mind takes over.

Then when the dust settles and things get awkward the regret slowly starts to settle in.

Just a brief moment before we reply to someone can prevent a heated discussion or even worse a burned bridge.

Empathy is much like hygiene. It’s something that must be practiced daily.

And not just the pretty social media meme type stuff either.

We’re talking about asking ourselves the difficult questions and putting in the tough work on being better instead of bitter.

That part. The part that sounds easy until we’re knee deep in it.

But better being deep in that versus being deep in a situation that grows into something that damages a invaluable relationship.

Besides, it doesn’t cost much to take a moment to think things through before responding.

Remember, haste usually does end up making a waste.

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