No Perfect Moment

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Day 30 of 365.

It’s tempting to think that there’s such a thing as the perfect moment.

Or being completely ready before we can do our thing.

It’s also deceptive to think that time will wait on you to find the right amount of inspiration.

Sure, some days are way more difficult than others.

You may not have all the energy needed to fight the depression, the hurt, or the pain.

But you do it anyway.

Somewhere in the mix of it all you realize that the objective isn’t for things to get easier.

It’s for you to get stronger, wiser, and more agile.

It’s about building up the necessary momentum needed in order to reach the tipping point.

The one that’ll take you where you need to truly be.

It’s also about not giving up.


Because you have so much good to give in this world.

It would be a shame to make that all go to waste.

To live in regret and ask constantly, “What If..?”, is to put oneself through personal hell.

Your personal brand is YOU.

You aren’t a product.

You are a person.

One with goals and dreams.

A person that has so much good to give this world.

So the sooner you realize that there is no such thing as THE perfect moment.

The sooner you’ll be on your way to achieving the greatness you asked for.

So what are you waiting for?

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