EP. 1 – The Longest Yarde w/Guest Jeremy Wenger

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For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to interview different creatives. Individuals focused on creating more good with their talents within their own lanes. After much back and forth, battles with imposter syndrome, a few more battles with anxiety, and a few conversations from two completely different perspectives with the same message, I took the leap yet again into online video.

So what is The Longest Yarde? Well in short, The Longest Yarde is all about getting things across the finish line and leveling up without losing yourself in the process. Leveling up and getting things across the finish line isn’t easy. When it comes to most projects, the last 10% is often the toughest to get through.

Each week I aim to interview one individual, utilizing their creative power to create more good. This year has taught me quite a bit. The most important thing is to stop asking what if when it comes to creating good and aiming always upward.

In this interview, we’re talking with Jeremy Wenger of Legacy Driven Life where he shares how the power of forgiveness can allow for better brand cultures, creativity, entrepreneurs, and just better people in general.

Tune in weekly as we chat with creatives and entrepreneurs from all walks of life that have had to battle the last 10% of an idea to make it a reality.

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