Do The Right Thing

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Day 40 of 365.

Times ticking.

Yet you’re probably still sitting and thinking.

To the point you’re procrastinating on doing the right thing.

So you watch another video, purchase another course, like another status.

All to feel busy but in reality aren’t getting you anywhere except on the expressway to regret.

It really doesn’t take much to make a difference.

Just show up and help out.

And be consistent while you do.

It’s helpful to know why you do what you do as well.

Take advice (this post included) with a grain of salt.

Research. Research. Research.

Google is your best friend.

Take the time to dig into your craft, story, and experience.

Leverage that to make a difference.

With growing influence, one must keep in mind the equally growing responsibility.

The responsibility to help those just like we’ve been helped.

How? By doing the right thing.

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