Who is David Yarde? Well, in short, I’m an entrepreneurial-minded nerd, obsessed with design, building community focused brands and creating valuable user experiences.

Over the years my skills have taken me through all sorts of experiences. This is where I catalogue some of them so that others don’t have to learn the hard way.

I didn’t always know that I would be a creative, much less one crazy about branding and how it can improve communities. Besides, I was a shy introvert, not really sure where that would even lead.

As time went on, and one experience led to another, I began to find a love to solving problems. So over the course of 15+ years life threaded together experiences that allowed me to develop my skills in creative arts and have branched into areas such as front-end web development, user experience, photography, marketing & creative strategies, brand experiences and a continuous list of other creative skills with a soft spot for the WordPress CMS platform.

Over the course of this time I’ve had amazing opportunities to work on projects for many well known brands throughout my corporate career such as; Nabisco, Johnson & Johnson, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Tijuana Flats, Avis, Merriam-Webster and many more.

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David Yarde Skydiving

Nowadays, my time is filled with being the creative director at Sevenality, a Branding & User Experience Design Firm that helps brands and communities to grow together.

When not doing that, I often spend time giving back to my local community as one of the co-organizers for WordPress Orlando and as the organizer for UX Orlando.

In whatever free time I have left, I can occasionally be found writing and sharing things on my newsletter or on my blog, speaking, or out with my family and sneaking in some photography that I occasionally share on Instagram.


Occassionally, things like awards happen. Each one is a fun and humbling experience. Here are a few that I've received!


  • CSS Award (x3)

    CSS Garden

  • CSS Award (x2)

    CSS Light

  • People's Champ (Experimental)

    Pixel Awards

  • 2016 Gold Award of Excellence

    The Communicator Award

  • Honorable Mention