EP. 3 – The Longest Yarde w/ Creative Mind and Author Antoine Airoldi

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Even with the best of intentions, there will be obstacles. This was one of those episodes that hit just about every technical roadblock in getting off the ground. Luckily, both host and guest weren’t in the mood to give up and out came a pretty awesome interview.

This week’s guest is Antoine Airoldi. Creative Mind and author passionate about helping people get the ideas out of their head and into the world. I’ve known Antoine for about six months at this point and it’s been a true honor. Join us as we chat about creative challenges, choosing the right idea to write about, and how to stay organized as a creative writer.

Learn more about Antoine:


About The Longest Yarde:

Leveling up and getting things across the finish line isn’t easy. When it comes to most projects, the last 10% is often the toughest to get through.

The Longest Yarde is all about getting things across the finish line and leveling up without losing yourself in the process.

Tune in weekly as we chat with creatives and entrepreneurs from all walks of life that have had to battle the last 10% of an idea to make it a reality.

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