Design Manifesto I

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That first post, after the dust settles and you take a step back, checking thoroughly for anything broken or out of place. The inner struggle we all face from day to day. The inability to just ship things. The very thing that holds many back from truly enjoying life and all the small things around them. As a resource I hope this blog will provide inspiration, encouragement and valuable resources to you the reader.


My Design Code of Ethics

Regardless of the situation, no matter what size difficulty it may be, I will display the courage to stand steadfast in doing whats right, even in the face of impossible circumstances. Honoring to heart the words of (Hans Höger):

Designers have a dual duty;

contractually to their clients and morally to the later users

and recipients of their work.

So to my fellow designers, developers, entrepreneurs. In our endeavors, let us think about the users and recipients of our work, and how we can make a difference.

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